Paul Wilbur

Integrity Music artist, Paul Wilbur, is a renowned recording artist, songwriter, and minister. His music ministry is a unique blend of his compositions and other works in Messianic Jewish, classic, and contemporary charismatic modes. His Jewish heritage allows him to share great insight on Jewish and Hebrew culture and how it relates to worship.


"I highly and enthusiastically recommend these instruments to you. Who knows… maybe there is a psalmist in you waiting to be released!"

Paul Wilbur's Endorsement

"The harp of King David... Was it an instrument to soothe the soul, or was it a sword to chase the kingdom of darkness? Obviously, it was both while in the hands of Israel's beloved singer of psalms. For many years I have told people that my six-string guitar was a kind of Davidic harp, while I secretly longed to hold and play one of these ancient instruments for my self. Well…the waiting is over! Rick and Mary Woods of Jubilee Harps have recreated a biblical work of art with painstaking accuracy and exceptional beauty. They have combined hand-crafted woodworking with modern upgrades for tuning and sound quality to create an instrument David himself would be delighted to own. Ten minutes after my harp arrived, I was playing "Ha Tikvah", the Israeli national anthem, with no instruction necessary! With just a basic knowledge of the musical scale, you too can be playing the instrument of the courts of the ancient kings of Israel.

This is no ordinary instrument or halfhearted attempt to replicate something of historical value. These are lovingly handcrafted works of art that you can own and play. The workmanship and attention to detail is evident when you first hold one of these harps in your hand. The real joy however is in the hearing of its delicate voice bringing you back to an era when wooden flutes and harps filled the halls and palaces of Jerusalem.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend these instruments to you. Who knows… maybe there is a psalmist in you waiting to be released!"

Paul Wilbur - 2002


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